How it Works?

In a simple 3 step process, you now can add spice to your CV visually.

  1. 1.Select

    Using the navigate option wheel, select an appropriate PictoCV style that you would like to use for your visual resume.

  2. 2.Input

    Input appropriate text in the text boxes for each visual element that is included in the style. You should really think about the information you want to project via your PictoCV to your audience.

    In our recent research, 40% of respondents did not show any positive interest in reading data from online social profiles and converting it to a visual resume. Most of them feared that their profiles are not up to date. At PictoCV we valued this feedback and stayed away from this concept. You will be presented with text boxes for each visual treatment and all you have to do is to enter data (copy paste IS ok). Each text box has a sample text to guide you through the data entry process.

  3. 3.Preview

    Preview/Save – You can preview individual visual elements or the full PictoCV to get an understanding on how your PictoCV looks like. You can modify text as needed. Once you are happy with the layout, content with your PictoCV, you can save it in your profile

    Don’t forget to show off your new visual resume to all your connections in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You can also upload a Word resume file and append Visual resume to your Word document seamlessly.