Why Use PictoCV?

A resume is a personal marketing tool. How well does your current resume display your education, experience, talents and goals? How well are you marketing yourself to potential employers? Your resume is your first impression. Potential employers use it to short list candidates for the interview process. While a PictoCV can’t interview for you, a well formatted, interactive, visual resume can help get your foot in the door.

A PictoCV outlines all of your education, experience, talents and goals in unforgettable, easy to read, eye catching graphics. There is no better way to elevate your personal story!

In this area, Infographic style resume will become more dominant in future. Apart from storing and presenting information on web-based systems, the demand now is to go above and beyond to show portfolio of work in the form of a visual resume.

PictoCVs will become the standard in the future. As the demand to demonstrate a portfolio of work increases, “infographic” style resumes like PictoCVs will fill employer’s need for visual resumes.

These visual compositions will work as a very good supporting exhibit for a conventional text based resume. Using this new concept, individuals can easily narrate their story on what I am really good at, what I love to do, what is important for me, where do I really want to be. In other words, visual resume can depict passions, values and talents and individual goals in a very easy to understand and very effective formant.

A PictoCV presents your personal profile instantly through visuals. Essentially, it is a highly organized dashboard view of your education, experience, talents and goals. Your professional life is a story that can be narrated, stories are better told with images. Best of all, a PictoCV can be an excellent supporting document to a traditional, text based resume. Show a potential employer that you can bring anything to life, even a linear resume.

  1. Demonstrate creativity, individuality and innovation. You can be more creative than ever before while delivering pertinent information in an exciting new way
  2. Depict a clear idea of your unique "promise of value"
  3. Develop a personal branding
  4. Convey who you are, what you have to offer, and what distinguishes you from the competition. Communicate that you are a unique individual
  5. Increase visibility; social network presence is becoming a critical aspect of the job search
  1. Create an 'Employer Branding'
  2. Demonstrate your organization’s ability to be current and cutting edge
  3. Present yourself to perspective employees as a company that supports freedom, enterprise, and innovation
  4. Reflect your organizations corporate culture and employee experiences by adopting this new approach
  5. Improve sourcing tactics by looking at skills/capabilities in pictorial format instead of text based resumes